Real Estate Attorney

Real estate presents a number of opportunities for miscommunications that can lead to a dispute. With a real estate attorney from Taylor Law Group, P. S. you’ll get the experienced representation you need for the resolution you want.
Whether you’re a property owner, renter, or association, we have the background and experience needed to fully represent you. Many of the cases we handle arise from the misinterpretation or violation of previously established agreements. This can work both ways.
If you’re an individual or business owner seeking to buy or sell real estate, we can ensure legal documents are prepared and filed correctly, ensuring your transaction is carried out without delay. Depending on how a real estate transaction is structured, liability and taxation can vary dramatically. We make sure our clients in the commercial sector benefit from their transactions through reduced risk and taxation.

Your Comprehensive Real Estate Attorney

  • Residential/Commercial
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Easements/Road Agreements
  • Trespass/Adverse Possession
  • Property Disputes/Quiet Title/Condemnation
  • Forfeitures/Foreclosures/Liens
  • Landlord Issues/Evictions
  • Leases/Rental Agreements
  • Homeowner Association Representation
  • Property Management Representation

When you want to make sure your real estate related agreement is properly prepared, being correctly executed, or believe your current agreement is not legitimate or being falsely enforced you want a real estate attorney from Taylor Law Group, P. S.