Estate & Will Planning

Estate Planning, Wills, and Probate

Most will agree that planning, in general, makes good sense. In many situations planning is essential and makes the difference between success and failure. The same is true in regard to a person’s estate. With a little planning now you can provide clear before death management and security of your holdings and maximize the benefits to your beneficiaries following your death. Even if you have a small estate, basic estate planning is a wise thing to do.
Consider the following purposes of estate planning: Preserve and protect assets; provide for family security; designate personal representative, name guardians for minors, and trustees; provide for any special needs or desires, such as a childcare trust, education, charitable contributions, other specific gifts, etc.; designate beneficiaries for the disposition of assets; simplify transfer of estate and minimize administration expenses; provide for future management of family businesses or investments; minimize estate (inheritance/death) taxes; and prevent disharmony among family and beneficiaries concerning your intentions.

Customary estate planning documents include:

  • Wills/Trusts/Powers of Attorney
  • Community Property Agreements
  • Living Wills/Health Care Directives
  • Transfer On Death Deeds/Life Estate
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Probate is the legal process by which the affairs of a deceased person are settled and title to property is transferred to the heirs or beneficiaries. Every state has probate as the means of administering the terms of a person’s will or settling the estate of someone who dies without a will. “Washington’s probate system is among the simplest and least expensive in the nation.” –WSBA Probate Publication. State law imposes a duty upon a personal representative to process the probate as quickly as possible. The attorneys and legal assistants at TAYLOR LAW GROUP are committed to making the legal probate experience as efficient and smooth as possible.
Alternative Probate Procedures or a Nonprobate Precedure may be available in certain situations. TAYLOR LAW GROUP will help you evaluate your options in this regard.
Will Contests, Inheritance Disputes, and Trust Issues require experienced legal representation. Whether you have questions or need full representation for a Trust or Estate Dispute Resolution, TAYLOR LAW GROUP has the experience to represent your needs.
At TAYLOR LAW GROUP, we are experienced in all areas of estate planning, probate, alternative probate, and inheritance and trust issues. Thomas Taylor has been practicing law in estate planning and probate law for over 30 years. He is a member of the Property, Probate and Trust Section of the Washington State Bar Association and a member of the South Puget Sound Estate Planning Council.