Business & Commercial Law

Business & Commercial Law Attorney

Business relations can be particularly tenuous, especially when finances and company interests are on the line. Problems may arise in a number of areas, potentially requiring litigation to resolve. At Taylor Law Group, P. S. we’ll represent you in a court of law.
Ensuring you get the best representation means choosing a firm with a history of success. With more than 30 years in practice, our firm has represented clients on both sides throughout Washington State.
We always work in our client’s best interest. That means getting your needs met and ensuring that whether you believe a partner or client has violated a contract, or are being accused of contract violation, you get the most favorable outcome.

Your Complete Business & Commercial Law Attorney

  • General Business Matters and Litigation
  • Corporations/Partnerships/Limited Liability Companies
  • Contracts/Contract and Construction Disputes
  • Purchases/Sales/Escrow/Closings

Our services aren’t just rendered after the fact. If you are starting a new business or want to formalize a current business, we can help you incorporate or state a limited liability company, according to Washington law. If you are purchasing, selling, closing, or need business escrow services, our business & commercial law attorney can ensure your legal documents are correctly prepared and processed.